VoIP Gateway for H.323 and SIP

TERAVoice VoIP Gateway Features

TERAVoice can act as a gateway between VoIP networks and the public network (PSTN). TERAVoice currently supports the H.323 protocol. Support for SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is available with an optional SIP stack. This feature can be used to simplify the transition from a classic PBX system to a VoIP based solution or as a cost-effective method to add more clients to an existing PBX system.

The VoIP gateway can be used for clients on a LAN but also for WAN clients which connect to TERAVoice via the internet. Roaming users can use TERAVoice then for making calls through their home office allowing cheaper rates and the ability to be reachable under a single public phone number wherever they are.

TERAVoice can also be used as a replacement for hardware based VoIP gateways (for example with Cisco CallManagerâ„¢) which are often quite expensive.

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Glossary: Wikipedia: VoIP - Wikipedia: H.323 - Wikipedia: SIP - Wikipedia: SDN


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