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How to get access?
There are two options for accessing newsgroup support:

  • Use our web based Support Forums
  • Use a newsreader application (like Outlook Express or Windows Mail)

How to use the web based Support Forums?
Click on one of the forum links from the menu on the left. You can read all posts anonymously without logging in to the website. If you want to post a question you need to register and log on before posting. You can use the Test Forum to create test-postings if you want to try first.

How to use a Newsreader Application?
If you already have installed a newsreader applikation you can simply try to click on one of the news://-Links on the main page . You can also explicitly configure your newsreader application:

How to configure a newsreader application?
Configuration differs between applications. To configure MS Outlook Express select Tools > Accounts > Add > News. Enter your name and your e-mail address. You should slightly modify your e-mail address to prevent spam.
Then enter as the news server name. (The server does not require logging on)
When you click the account in the left pane you are prompted to download the newsgroups of the server. Subscribe to the desired groups by double-clicking. You are now ready to view the subscribed groups and read and post messages.


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