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This page lists TTS speech engines supported by TERAVoice. Please also see the following Knowlege Base article:  Q10113 INFO: Which TTS Engines are supported by TERAVoice?


US English MS Mike male   installed with TERAVoice
  US English MS Mary female   installed with TERAVoice
  US English MS Sam male   installed with TERAVoice
  German LH Anna female   available with MS Office XP/2003 or MS Reader & TTS Package German
  German LH Stefan male  
  French LH Veronique female   available with MS Office XP/2003 or MS Reader & TTS Package French
  French LH Pierre male  
    Please note: When installing MS Reader, please make sure that TERAVoice is running under the same user account under which MS Reader was installed. It won't work if TERAVoice is running under the LocalSystem account!.
  US English David male Download Trial - Buy
  US English Diane female
  US English William male
  US English Amy female
  US English Frank male
  US English Emily female
  US English Duncan male
  US English Linda female
  US English Robin male
  US English Walter male
  British English Lawrence male
  British English Millie female
  German Katrin female
  German Matthias male
  Italian Vittoria female
  Canadian  French Isabelle female
  Canadian  French Jean-Pierre male
  Spanish - Americas Marta female
  Spanish - Americas Miguel male
AT&T Natural Voices
  US English Mike male Demo - Buy
  US English Chrystal female
  US English Claire female
  US English Rich male
  US English Julia female
  US English Lauren female
  US English Mel male
  US English Ray male
  British English Audrey female
  British English Charles male
  Indian Accent Anjali female
  Spanish Americas Alberto male
  Spanish Americas Rosa female
  German Klara female
  German Reiner male
  French Alain male
  French Juliette female
Acapela Group - High Quality
  US English Aaron   Demo - Trial Download
  US English Heather female
  US English Laura female
  US English Ryan  
  British English Lucy female
  British English Graham  
  German Lea female
  German Sarah female
  Dutch Femke female
  Belgian Dutch Sofie female
  French Claire female
  French Julie female
  Spanish Ana female
  Italian Chiara female
  Polish Magda female
  Swedish Emma female
  Norwegian Kari female
  Arabic Salma female
Acapela Group - High Density
  US English Mary female Demo - Trial Download
  US English Jane female
  US English William male
  US English John male
  US English Bryan male
  British English Kate female
  British English Vicky female
  British English Gordon male
  British English Roger male
  German Eva female
  German Helga female
  German Dagmar female
  German Thomas male
  German Steffen male
  Dutch Hilde female
  Dutch Jan male
  Belgian Dutch Els female
  French Caroline female
  French Cathy female
  French Marie female
  French Robert male
  French Vincent male
  French Thierry male
  Spanish Veronica female
  Spanish Rafael male
  Spanish Javier male
  Italian Massimo male
  Portuguese Ester female
  Brazilian Portuguese Paola female
  Brazilian Portuguese Joana female
  Brazilian Portuguese Pedro male
  Brazilian Portuguese Carlos male
  Polish Radek male
  Swedish Ann-Marie female
  Swedish Ingmar male
  Norwegian Trygve male
  Norwegian Vegard male
  Finnish Matti male
  Danish Poul male
  Turkish Ceren female
  Turkish Baris male
  Arabic Nawfal male
Nuance - RealSpeak
  US English Jill   Demo
  US English Tom  
  British English Emily  
  British English Daniel  
  Australian English Karen  
  Australian English Lee  
  German Steffi  
  German Yannick  
  Dutch Ellen  
  Belgian Dutch Claire  
  French Virginie  
  French Sebastien  
  Canadian French Julie  
  Canadian French Felix  
  Italian Silvia  
  Brazilian Portuguese Raquel  
  Portuguese Madalena  
  Spanish Isabel  
  Spanish Americas Paulina  
  Spanish Americas Javier  
  Basque Aranxta  
  Chinese Cantonese Sin-Ji  
  Chinese Mandarin Mei-Ling  
  Danish Nanna  
  Japanese Kyoko  
  Korean Narae  
  Norwegian Nora  
  Polish Agat  
  Russian Katarina  
Nuance - Speechify
  US English Jill   Demo
  US English Tom  
  British English Helen  
  British English Mara  
  Australian English Karen  
  German Tessa  
  French Sandra  
  Canadian French Felix  
  Brazilian Portuguese Luci  
  Japanese Kyoko  
  Spanish Americas Paulina  
  Spanish Americas Javier  
Nuance - rVoice (formerly Rhetorical)
  US English M009 male  
  US English M002 male  
  US English F005 female  
  US English F019 female  
  US Valley Girl F012 female  
  British English M001 male  
  British English M004 male  
  British English F015 female  
  Scottish English M007 male  
  Scottish English F013 female  
  Australian English F016 female  
  Spanish - Americas M022 male  
  Spanish - Americas F023 female  
  German F018 female  
  German / English F026 female  
  German / English M027 male  
  Greek M020_GL male  
  Greek F017_GL female  
  US English Dave male Demo
  US English Susan female
  US English Kenneth male
  British English Simon male
  British English Elizabeth female
  German Katrin female
  German Stefan male
  German Ulrike female
  French Juliette female
  French Sophie female
  French Bernard male
  Italian Giulia female
  Italian Matteo male
  Italian Luca male
  Italian Paola female
  Italian Marcello male
  Italian Roberto male
  Italian Silvana female
  Italian Valentina female
  Italian Fabio male
  Italian Mario male
  Dutch Willem male
  Dutch Saskia female  
  Greek Afroditi female
  Greek Artemis male
  Spanish - Castillian Jorge male
  Spanish - Castillian Carmen female
  Spanish - Castillian Juan male
  Spanish - Argentine Diego male
  Spanish - Chile Francisca female
  Brazilian Portuguese Gabriela female
  Portuguese Amalia female
  Mexican Spanish Esperanza male
  Catalan Jordi male
  Catalan Montserrat female
  Swedish Annika female
  Chinese Mandarin Linline female
NeoSpeech - Voiceware
  US English Kate female Demo
  US English Paul male
  Korean Yumi female
  Japanese Miyu female
  Chinese Lily female
IBM ViaVoice TTS
  US English   male/female Demo - Buy
  British English   male/female
  German   male/female
  French   male/female
  Canadian French   male/female
  Italian   male/female
  Finnish   male/female
  Norwegian   male/female
  Swedish   male/female
  Danish   male/female
  Spanish   male/female
  Mexican Spanish   male/female
  Portuguese   male/female
  Japanese   male/female
  Chinese   male/female
Nuance Vocalizer
  US English Enhanced Laurie female Demo
  US English Laurie Woods female
  US English Reed Johnston male
  British English Claire Kingston female
  British English Tim Cooper male
  Australian English Srah Brown female
  Australian English Josh Donnelly male
  Canadian French Julie Deschamps female
  Spanish Americas Catalina Romero female
  Brazilian Portuguese Marina Costa female
Prologix - Vaachak
  Hindi Shobha female  
  Hindi Mili female  
  Hindi Rakhi female  
  Indian English Anjali female  
Atlas - Verbio TTS
  Spanish Carlos male Demo
  Spanish Laura female
  Catalan Pau male
  Catalan Meritxell female
  Portugues Adriana female
Softvoice - SVTTS
  US English Standard Male male  
  US English Colossus male  
  US English Breathy Female female  
CMU Speech Group
  US English Kal Diphone Voice male   Download - More Information


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