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IVR Solutions

In a major German city visitors can use their mobile phone to get information about tourist attractions. They dial a phone number, enter a code and will listen to related facts in their selected language.

The service was implemented with TERAVoice which was installed on two machines for redundancy, both equipped with a dual E1 ISDN board, thus serving up to 120 lines simultaneously.



Hotline Queue and Call Distribution

In a German medium-sized business the customer hotline was provided through a ringing group including all phones of two departments. In times of high call volumes, each call had to be answered by employees immediately, diminishing capacities for primary tasks. Through the deployment of TERAVoice the hotline was improved significantly. A voice menu directs callers to the respective department first. Calls for the hotline are sent to a waiting queue transferring calls to the assigned agents. The announcement of current queue positions helps callers to decide whether to continue waiting or to call again at a later time.

The solution was implemented by TERAVoice and a 4 port BRI ISDN board connected to the PBX. Thus up to 8 calls can be kept on queue simultaneously. As call transfers are carried out by the PBX, a line to TERAVoice does not remain allocated once the transfer is completed.



Corporate Voicemail

Voicemail is one of the key features offered by TERAVoice. Unanswered calls are transferred to TERAVoice by the PBX. After listening to a greeting message callers can be offered the option to leave a message. Users can be notified about calls and new messages by e-mail, by SMS or pager and via the message waiting indicator (MWI) on their telephones. In order to listen to their messages they can use remote control by telephone or a Windows application which is also provided.



VoIP Gateway

With the integrated VoIP gateway feature TERAVoice allows adding any kind of VoIP client to an existing telephony infrastructure with or without PBX. TERAVoice does not focus on connecting to external VoIP providers but rather on corporate VoIP networks. Additional seats can be connected without the need for buying new equipment or installing additional cabling. TERAVoice thus allows a smooth transition and convergence to VoIP telephony saving investments in expensive gateways or PBX systems.

With TERAVoice internal and even remote seats can be set up for VoIP telephony, thus allowing mobile users to connect from their home office or a hotel. Employees remain available under their office phone number and can perform calls through their corporate phone system while being off-site.



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