About AMABrowser
TERASENS AMA-Browser is a Software-Tool that allows you to read, import and browse the binary AMA-Files created by SIEMENS EWSD.
Viewing AMA-Tickets with TERASENS AMA-Browser is a three-step-process:

  • Export your AMA-Tickets to binary files according to your EWSD-Documentation
  • Use TERASENS AMA-Browser to Import these files into the Database
  • Browse your Tickets using the convenient UI of TERASENS AMA-Browser
TERASENS AMA-Browser is built as an MS Access Database Project using either MS SQL-Server (V7.0 or V2000) or MSDE (V1.0 or SQL Desktop Engine 2000). A version of the SQL-Server Desktop Engine is included with TERASENS AMA-Browser as well as a runtime-Version of MS Access 2002 for users who don't have an installed copy of MS SQL-Server or MS Access.

MS Access® version 2000 and 2002 (XP) are supported.

  • Imports EWSD AMA-Files
  • Displays count of: DateTime records, Breakdown records, Overflow records, Oss records and unknown records
  • Decodes AMA for PSTN subscriber charging
  • Decodes IACAMA for inter-administration charging
  • Imports all Data into a SQL-Database for browsing and optional further processing
  • Displays all flags graphically
  • Displays combo-boxes for many field to see all possible field-values
  • Displays non-present fields as disabled
  • Rich options for sorting, searching and filtering

System Requirements

  • Windows2000® or WindowsXP®
    TERASENS AMA-Browser may run on other versions of Windows but it was tested only on these platforms
  • MS Access® 2000 or MS Access® 2002 (XP)
    A runtime-version of MS Access® 2002 is included if you do not have one of these versions installed
  • MS SQL-Server 7.0 or MS SQL-Server 2000 or MSDE 1.0 or MS SQL-Server2000 Desktop Engine
    MS SQL-Server2000 Desktop engine is included if you do not have one of these versions

Pricing, Ordering and Demo-Version

  • AMABrowser is available in English language only, though it can be run on any MS Access® language version.
  • AMABrowser is available as a single-user license at EUR 2320,- (EUR 2000,- + VAT)
  • Additional seat-licenses are available at EUR 696,- per seat (EUR 600,- + VAT)
  • To order AMABrowser please contact sales@terasens.deor use our contact page.
  • If you would like to evaluate AMABrowser you can download a demo-version.


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Microsoft Access is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
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