Account2000 offers a rich set of options to implement differen kinds of workflow structures, from simple reminders for follow-ups up to complex workflow trees, that are distributed across different employees and departments.

You can create any number of workflow tasks which can be organized into different categories like sales, support and finances. A workflow tasks consists of an arbitrary number of 'task steps' each of them marking a state in task execution. A task can be only on one step at a time during execution.

Task step
The definition of each task step contains instructions on how to act on this current step and optionally a decision statement which helps deciding among the sequel actions. A task step can contain any number of sequel actions. The following types of sequel actions are available:

  • Go to step x
  • Open other task
  • Delegate task to employee Y (Y can be mandatory or user selectable; alternatively can be a group)
  • Wait an remind (with fixed or selectable duration; with fixed or selectable user to be reminded)
  • Transfer to (similar like to delegate, but with immediate execution; for telephony)
  • Close task

While fulfilling the task instructions, comments can be added to each task step in order to keep all actions and decisions transparent for investigation at later times.

Besides the reminder functions any task step can be assigned a timeout value, to set the maximum amount of time that a step may take until task processing continues. If the selected amount of time is exceeded a selectable user (task-owner, step-owner or any other person) will be notified.

Alle notifications are delivered by e-mail. Those e-mail messages contain a link that directly opend the customer form associated with the task.

Certain actions in the Account2000 system (like scanning a letter printing a price quote etc.),  can be configured to trigger creation of a new workflow taks, which can be mandatory or user selectable.




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