Acccount2000 needs a MS Windows network for authentication and security driven by either WindowsNT4, Windows2000 oder Windows.NET (2002) Server.
An MS Exchange infrastructure is also necessary for supporting the tight integration of messaging functionality. The Account2000 client is integrated into MS Outlook, the Exchange client. Data is stored in an MS SQL-Server database.

Account2000 needs several server services which can be distributed among several physical server machines. Depending on performance requirements, all services can be installes on a single physical server, though. The following server services are required:

  • Database
    An MS SQL-Server Version 7.0 or greater is required. If you are hosting several enterprises, one database has to be created for each enterprise. These can be distributed on several server machines if required.
  • Messaging
    An MS Exchange-Server Version 5.0 or greater is required. Some features are available with MS Exchange-Server 2000 only.
    For integrated faxing capabilities it is required to have a suitable fax connector like 'GFI FaxMaker for Exchange' or 'Servonic IXI-Fax'.
  • Account2000-Server
    The Account2000 Server-service handles all internal tasks for one ore several enterprises. It can be installed on several physical server machines if required. Windows2000 or greater is required for the Account2000 server service.


  • Administration
    System-administration is done via MMC and can be run from any client computer.
  • Account2000-Client
    Account2000 client is fully integrated into MS Outlook and requires MS Outlook 2000 or MS Outlook 2002 (XP) with access to the Exchange-server. Account2000 client requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP. (Though we could port it to Win98/ME if required)
    Establishing remote clients e.g. for virtual call-centers is possible as long as there is sufficient downstream bandwidth available. (DSL works fine while ISDN or 56k is not recommended).
    A TAPI driver is required if the integrated telephony support shall be used. Client installation is done via Windows Installer, which allows a fully automated deployment.
  • Account2000-TimeTool
    Account2000 TimeTool is a tool for entering work-time, projekt assignment and expenses. It can be used online and offline. Data entered offline can be uploaded when online. Account2000 TimeTool works over remote connections, too. It runs on all Windows flavors equal or greater than Windows98 or WindowsNT 4.0.





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