Time-based billing is necessary for most service-providers. Billing is often done project-oriented, no matter if it is a single or if it is a recurring job. The ability to do controlling while the project is in progress is often needed in order to make sure that spends are within the planned range.
Account2000 fits these needs and offers the functions to achieve these goals.

Projects can be created and assigned to a customer's cost-centre. For each project permissions can be assigned to allow or disallow certain employees to enter their time spent and to do certain controlling or billing tasks.

Projects can be structured by creating subsections. Every subsection can comprise a number of actions with descriptions, timeframes and corresponding rates.
All this information can be printed as an offer then.

Account2000 comes with its own tool for entering work-time: Account2000 TimeTool. Every employee can enter his work and assign it to a certain project and project-subsection.
Account2000 TimeTool is independent of all other Account2000 components, can be used even offline and doesn't need the Account2000 client to be installed.
TimeTool has its own set of features for displaying and printing work-time-reports. TimeTool uses Windows integrated security for user authentication and is able to work via remote access connections.

There is a free standalone-version of Account2000 TimeTool. For download an further info click here.

Via the controlling functions the progress of a project can be watched anytime with comparison between planned and actual amount of time.

Account2000 offers extensive features for creating project bills. The bill can be created either by using entries from the planning section or by creating entries using the actual time-entries or by using a mixture of both. Finally a project bill consists of the actual bill, a list of expenses and a list of work-time. All entries can be created manually or created from existing planning or entered work-time data.

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