For doing successful business it is highly important to be reachable via all kind of communication like postal mail, fax, e-mail and telephone. Account2000 offers integrated communication and messaging features.

Reception of messages
Besides sending and receiving mail Account2000 offers a complete history of customer communication accessible from the main customer form containing all e-mail and faxes, scanned documents received via postal mail and logs of phone calls.

  • Fax and e-mail
    E-mails and faxes a received via Exchange server and can be assigned to a customer automatically or with a few mouse clicks if it cannot match the sender's address to an address in the customer database.
  • Letters
    Account2000 comes with its own scan tool which allows scanning and assigning to a customer within a single application.
    During assignment a task can be started for initiating further actions for processing the message.

Sending messages
Messages are created independent of the transport medium. Account2000 comes with an integrated text editor with common word editing capabilities like Windows Word-Pad. Custom templates and standard messages can be designed and selected from a list when a messages is created. Text-parts can be created and used for assembling messages. Attachments can be defined and attached to messages as well as all internal Account2000 documents.
Depending on how a message is sent the message and all attachments are automatically converted to a suitable format (e.g. PDF for e-mails).
All messages can be resent with the same or a different medium.

For call-center deployment as well as for normal use Account2000 provides integrated telephony support. Every phone number stored in the system can be dialled with a single button click.
For incoming calls Account2000 automatically checks its database for a customer matching the caller ID and presents a list of results from which the operator can open the customer form with a single button click.

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