Account2000 client is integrated into MS Outlook leveraging all the workflow and messaging features of MS Exchange. All customers are stored in Exchange public folders, enabling most of the features that are available for simple Outlook contacts. Customer items can be sent a e-mail attachments, converted to Outlook contacts, referenced in any Exchange item etc.
The familiar user-interface of Outlook reduces learning curves for users and starting another application is unnecessary as most users are running Outlook on their desktop permanently. Account2000 client is built around a single customer form, enabling the user to do all customer-related tasks from withing that form with no need to open additional windows.

The customer form is divided into several tabs: Customer Data, Messaging, Account, Product sales, Service and Telecom.
Under Customer Data all basic customer information is stored like: Main address, customer contacts, locations and cost centres. There is a history view of changes as well.
Every phone number field contains a shortcut button to establish a connection to the customer instantly, using the built in telephony support.


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