Several cost centres can be created by customer for serving customers with different addresses for invoices or for implementing different payment, invoice or reminder modalities for different types of services. There are 3 methods for invoice generation:

  • Manual: Invoices are only created on user action.
  • Instantly: Invoices are generated as soon as there are any payments due.
  • Regularly: Invoices are created within a selected interval

All due payments no matter from which type of sales (products, services or telecommunication) are collected and booked at the date of invoice generation. For each customer a selection can be made if reminders are generated for each cost-centre or for all cost-centres together.

For automatic invoice generation it is necessary that customer accounts are adjusted with bank account bokings. Account2000 can import bank account data automatically from electronic banking software. Several bank accounts can be handled as well as cassa-accounts. The adjustment process is highly automated, though requiring a user confirmation for each booking assignment to avoid false bookings.

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