TERASIP: New Version 1.3
TERASIP is a TAPI Service Provider for SIP (TSP) which allows TAPI Application to communicate through the SIP protocol. The new version 1.3 is available for download now!
GEOPreis: New Version 3.2
The new Version 3.2 with lots of new features and new T-Com prices from 2009-01-01 is available now.
TERAVoice 2008 RC1
TERAVoice Server 2008 RC1 is now available for download. More information can be found on the support page.
Support Forums
Our Support Forums have been redesigned to provide a more forum-like user experience. See for yourself!

TERAVoice Server 2004
TERASENS is proud to announce the release of its new telephony server platform TERAVoice Server 2004. After two years of development, TERAVoice is going to leverage new and unprecedented features incorporated into a single product. Scaleable from a single-line SOHO deployment up to a multi-server solution offering several E1 or T1 lines, TERAVoice is able to fit virtually any environment. Read more... 

The main fields of use are Interactive Voice Respons IVR Systems, advanced Voice-Mail, ACD Queues for hotlines can call centers and VoIP Gateway functionality.

A Free version is available - Download the Free Version now!

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TERASIP is now available!

TERASIP is a TAPI Service Provider (TSP) for Microsoft Windows which offers support for the SIP protocol. The use of TERASIP allows users to make SIP calls through existing TAPI applications and thus connect to SIP telephony providers or SIP based PBX systems (SIP Registrars) or directly communicate with others (PC to PC) using the SIP protocol.
Download and test the Free Version now!


AccountCRM is a Client-Server Solution for consulting and other service companies with features for project planning and quoting, project based timecard application, controlling and billing. All features are completely integrated into MS Outlook (with and without Exchange Server).
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GEOPreis is a carrier-tool for price-calculation of leased-lines that are implemented through both the carrier's own network as well as through the network of German Telekom. The nearest PoPs of the carrier's own network are calculated geographically. The new Version 3.2 with lots of new features is available now! Further information and download of a trial version can be found here.

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